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Sign In. Edit Knight Rider — Miller Tobin Mike Traceur 18 episodes, Deanna Russo Sarah Graiman 18 episodes, Paul Campbell Billy Morgan 18 episodes, Smith Cho Zoe Chae 17 episodes, Bruce Davison Charles Graiman 13 episodes, Sydney Tamiia Poitier Carrie Rivai 12 episodes, Yancey Arias Ambassador Olara Kumali 2 episodes, Rick Hoffman Christopher Stevens 2 episodes, Peter Weireter Esteban Bahia 2 episodes, Dawn Olivieri Constance Savage 2 episodes, Bellamy Young Amy Clark 2 episodes, Jeffrey Pierce Ryan Arrow 2 episodes, Anya Monzikova Ivana Alexandrovna 2 episodes, Aisha Kabia Robin 2 episodes, Kimberly Wallis Cody's Mom 2 episodes, Sven Holmberg Dimitri Kasporov 2 episodes, Doug Scott Kramer Michael Knight 1 episode, Kevin Alejandro Victor Galt 1 episode, Tiki Barber Jack Burber 1 episode, Michael Cudlitz Lead Gunman 1 episode, Alona Tal Julie Nelson 1 episode, Greg Ellis Welther 1 episode, Daniella Alonso Lynn 1 episode, Zachery Ty Bryan Terry Driscoll 1 episode, Meghan Markle Annie Ortiz 1 episode, Maria Menounos Megan Connelly 1 episode, Johnny Messner Sean Owens 1 episode, Chris Mulkey Sheriff Ramsey 1 episode, Mini Anden Alexandria Pachinko 1 episode, Peter Cullen Phil Driscoll 1 episode, Stephanie Erb Tina Johnson 1 episode, Richard Roundtree Lawrence Rivai 1 episode, Erich Anderson Walter Axe 1 episode, Kristen Bush Cassandra Banks 1 episode, Brennan ElliottAccount Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. When a group of ruthless mercenaries kill a reclusive scientist, his creation, a new model of artificially intelligent supercar, escapes to find his daughter and recruit a ex-soldier to thwart them. I Love the Knight Life. Mar 4, Season 1 Episode 17 Mike Justin Bruening and KITT voiced by Val Kilmer are trying to track down a stolen serum that maximizes the recipient's physicality before it gets into the wrong hands.

With the help of the lab's research assistant, Billy Paul Campbell learns some information about the serum that will help Mike when he takes on the now powerful thief. Meanwhile, Sarah Deanna Russo is overwhelmed with her new duties and quickly learns how much work it will take to reinstitute the Foundation for Law and Government. Smith Cho stars.

knight rider episodes 2008

Kevin Alejandro and Mini Anden guest star. A Knight in Shining Armor. Sep 24, Journey to the End of the Knight. Oct 1, Knight of the Iguana. Oct 8, A Hard Day's Knight. Oct 15, Knight of the Hunter. Oct 22, Knight of the Living Dead. Nov 5, Nov 12, Knight of the Zodiac. Nov 19, Knight Fever. Dec 31, Don't Stop the Knight. Jan 7, Day Turns Into Knight.

Jan 14, Knight to King's Pawn.On the heels of NBC's hit movie, the iconic s television classic comes roaring back to life as a reinvented, updated and super-charged action series showcasing the new KITT Knight Industries Three Thousand.

Absolutely the coolest car ever created, KITT is equipped with an "AI" artificial intelligence that is capable of hacking almost any system.

knight rider episodes 2008

Its weapons systems match that of a jet fighter, and its body is capable of actually transforming into other vehicles and using sophisticated holographic imagery to elude villains. David Bartis "Heist," "The O. Knight Rider. Start Watching. Season 1 Season 1. If You Liked Knight Rider. Knight Rider The Six Million Dollar Man. The Bionic Woman. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

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For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our cookie policy.From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come. See the full gallery. Title: Knight Rider 17 Feb Mike Traceur a bitter former Army Ranger and failed race car driver, just got a new lease on life, neither he cares for or wants this chance to make up for his past failings.

FLAG wants a new driver, but he is hesitant to join this mysterious group and doubts this super car or he can make a difference. He's got problems, he's in debt and people want to kill him. Written by Anonymous. I can understand why they would update the technology of K. T, I really didn't enjoy this remake.

Knight Rider (2008)

I'm a huge fan of the original series and I guess for me this remake was always destined to fail before it even started. I hated the new opening theme too, they should have kept the original. The only reason I didn't give this less marks was because Val Kilmer did a good job as the voice of K.

I will be continuing to watch future episodes as I'm hoping to see David Hasselhoff make more appearances.

2008 Series Episodes

I just wish it was 'The Hoff' doing all the action and driving scenes, even if he is 25 years old than he was in his prime.

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knight rider episodes 2008

Sign In. Knight Rider — Season: 1. S1, Ep0. Error: please try again. When a group of ruthless mercenaries kill a reclusive scientist, his creation, a new model of artificially intelligent supercar, escapes to find his daughter and recruit a ex-soldier to thwart them.

S1, Ep1. Michael attempts to intercept "The Package," but is a bit surprised to find out that it's not material, but a man whose DNA is encoded with valuable information that not only has people who not only want "The Package" as well, but they also want Michael dead.

S1, Ep2. With the outside help of an old Army buddy, Michael infiltrates a Chinese street racing gang in hopes of exposing their illegal weapons trade organization. S1, Ep3. In order to successfully track an unknown fellow operative's beacon signal, Michael needs to enlist some help when going undercover and the only one who fits the bill is Zoe, much to Sarah's disdain. The mission, however, leads Michael to a trail of illegal weapons trade and a rogue operative.

S1, Ep4. After Mike goes undercover, he is poisoned with only three hours to live and will only receive the antidote upon assassinating a wealthy tech developer. S1, Ep5. Mike assumes the identity of a Marine who's AWOL in hopes of tracking down a group suspected of stealing demolitions.

S1, Ep6. Everyone enjoys a good Halloween prank, but it's no laughing matter when a laboratory technician shows up dead in the complex, which goes into lock down and it's only then when it's discovered that K.Knight Rider is an American action television series that follows the television series of the same title created by Glen A.

Larson and the television movie. Sarah is the daughter of Charles Graiman.

2008 Series Episode List

The series was in production for just one season. One of Silverman's early moves was to try to revive old franchises like Knight Rider and American Gladiators. Silverman, in a deal endorsed by Ford Motor Companythe car supplier, approved production.

On November 10,NBC reformatted the show in an effort to more closely resemble the storyline of its predecessor. Yancey Arias, Bruce Davison, and Sydney Tamiia Poitier's characters were removed from the series after the end of their original thirteen episode commitment starting with a two-part episode scheduled to air in January On December 3,NBC reduced its season order to seventeen episodes.

When NBC's — schedule was announced on May 19,it did not include Knight Ridereffectively signaling the cancellation of the series. For the series premiere, many new features in KITT were introduced in addition to those seen on the pilot movie. The series also demonstrated capabilities such as KITT's Turbo Boost, allowing KITT to briefly become airborne, and submergibility, maintaining system integrity and life support for occupants while underwater.

Also installed in KITT are a grappling hook, a laser that originates from his scanner bar, double mini-guns, defensive flares, offensive missiles, parachute, a dart gun, a sonic inhibitor and an EMP weapon.

The interior of the vehicle has been reworked, with the single display screen on the center console replaced by touch-enabled head-up displays spanning the entire interior surface of the windshield.

The removal of the center console screen has also seen KITT's "presence" indicator, reminiscent of the original series KITT's voice modulator, appearing in a pulsing orb mounted high in the middle of the dashboard with a dot in the middle that shifts over to "look" at whoever he's talking to. The interior of 4x4 Mode uses the same customized Mustang dashboard, but the F's passenger and driver's seats. KITT also carries a backup mainframe that he can reboot to in the event his primary is damaged.

They scan KITT for damages and interact with the human actors. KITT's technology includes a surface screen program, enabling the hood to operate as a touchscreen display, similar to the internal head-up displays, a printer in the passenger-side console, and a 3D Object Generator in the rear passenger compartment, as well as a self-destruct program.

KITT disguises as a 4x4 for an off-road mission as Mike is assigned to investigate a right-wing militia group led by PMC leader Walt Cooperton, who started the group after the Department of Defence ended his contract for unknown reasons, which puts a hold on Mikes plans to take Sarah out for his birthday. Posing as a disgruntled Marine, Mike manages to get himself invited into the group after being tortured by Right-hand man Oren Moss and Coopertons girlfriend, Cassandra.

Unfortunately after he finds large quantities of explosives are somewhere in the camp, he is caught by Cassandra who reveals herself to be an undercover British secret agent posing as one of them.

In a secret message left by Dr. Torres dies in the final battle. Meanwhile, Sarah uncovers a windfall of funds secretly left by her father, whose ultimate plan was for her to restart The Foundation for Law and Government at the SSC. Graiman Bruce Davison appears in recorded messages to Mike and Sarah.

The series finale aired on March 4, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other articles, see Knight Rider disambiguation. David Bartis Glen A. Knight Rider Knight Rider film. Main article: KITT. Television portal.David Hasselhoff and original series voice actor William Daniels did not meet each other until six months after the series began filming. General Motors provided the first two vehicles off the assembly line for the pilot film.

According to the series, the original KITT's main cybernetic processor was first installed in a mainframe computer used by the US government in Washington, D. KARR was programmed for self-preservation, but this proved to be dangerous to the Foundation's humanitarian interests.

KARR was later unwittingly reactivated by thieves in the original episode " Trust Doesn't Rust ", was thought destroyed, then reappeared in the episode " K. While the pilot movie and then the new series appears to be a revamp of the original series, it offers some continuity from the original TV series. The original Knight Industries Two Thousand is also shown in the pilot movie although in pieces in the scene where the garage of Charles Graiman creator of the Knight Industries Three Thousand and implied co-designer of the original KITT is searched by antagonists.

A Trans-Am body without its hood is partially covered by a tarp, on which rests the rear spoiler. When the camera shows a full scene of the garage, there are three cars in the garage: thea under a tarp, and a complete The new vehicle was a modified Dodge Stealthappearing similar to the Pontiac Banshee prototype.

However, no reference to this storyline nor any appearance of the Knight is made in the new series or its pilot movie. In Knight Riderit is stated that most of the Knight parts had been sold off.

However, Graiman's garage in the pilot shows a more complete collection of parts than in the boxes recovered by Michael Knight in Knight Rider This adds to the mystique of the current whereabouts of the original KITT in the time-frame of the new series. However, in the end the third AI is not used. KITT has a front-mounted scanner bar that, among other things, allows it to see, and is a nod to the Cylons.

Forever Knight Season 1 Episode 6

Larsonwho also created Knight Rider and even used the iconic Cylon eye scanner audio to that effect. A refit in the —86 season included the addition of "Super Pursuit Mode" and a convertible top.

Various toy versions of KITT have been released. These toys featured red reflective holograms on the nose to represent the scanner. Once again featuring the iconic voice of William Daniels, the item was indeed a fully working GPS using Mio navigational technology. The GPS featured custom recorded voices so that the unit could "speak to" its owner using their own name if it was one of the ones in the recorded set of names.

For example, the KITT utilizes nano-technology, allowing the car's outer shell to change colors and morph itself into similar forms temporarily. These down-sides to the use of nanotech have been demonstrated when villains are able to cause significant damage, such as shooting out windows, when the AI is deactivated.

It can also turn into two different types of a Ford F 4x4 truck one completely stock and the other with some modificationsa Ford E van, a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptora special edition Warriors In Pink Mustang in support of breast cancer awareness monthand a Ford Flex for disguise or to use the alternate modes' capabilities such as off-road handling.

It had a different looking attack mode in the pilot which was used whenever the car needed to increase speed. Its downside however is that it only seats two. KITT is also capable of functioning submerged, maintaining life support and system integrity while underwater.

2008 Series Episode List

KITT's weapons include a grappling hook located in the front bumper, usable in normal and attack modes, and missile launchers usable only in attack mode, which were first used in "Knight of the Hunter". In the Halloween episode "Knight of the Living Dead", KITT demonstrates the ability to cosmetically alter his appearance, becoming a black Mustang convertible with a pink trim as a Halloween costume. This configuration had the scanner bar relocated to behind the grille.

Graiman also reveals in this episode that a backup neural network exists when he suggests downloading KITT's files and reuploading them to the backup, to which replies "The Backup is not me.